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Bruce Chiefare |  Hip-hop

An exceptional dancer, Bruce is an example of originality and performance. His subtle way of hijacking breakdance makes him an avant-garde in terms of sensitivity and fluidity on the ground. The expression and poetry of this artist are reflected in the image of his movements. He started dancing with breakdance competitions in 1997, and quickly became the emblem of his region.

His talent won important competitions such as the French championships in 2001, or the world championships in London in 2004, and various equally spectacular titles. He is called upon to represent France in international events, in South Korea, Los Angeles, Holland, Japan, Tahiti, Spain ...

He then evolves in the universe of creation, where his gestures flourish completely. He is performed for various companies such as Ethadam, Traffic de style, Régis Obadia, Kafig (CCN de Créteil) on the Franco-Taiwanese project entitled Yo gee ti, Art terre, Art  Move Concept, S'poart.

Today he is a dancer for Kader Attou's Accrorap company (CCN de la Rochelle), for several of his pieces, where he performs in Asia, New York, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic ...

Its notoriety allows it to integrate collectives such as Freemindz or Wanted Posse. He shares his experience in masterclasses and being a jury in Breakdance competitions.

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