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Chey Jurado Giles |  Contemporary station wagon

Chey Jurado, is a young movement researcher who shapes his vision of art through the body and its possibilities, both physically, sensory and emotionally. Self-taught, he was introduced to Hip-hop culture at the age of 15 with his group Electroduendes Crew, a group formed by his father in the 1980s. Remarkable for his originality and his passion, he is one of the dancers most considered by international events.

Considering himself as a curious and restless person, it was not long before he got to know and explore other disciplines outside the urban environment, they are what allowed him to make his way in the world of dance and movement without labels, working as a performer for several companies with a long artistic career; LA VERONAL ROPA, Cie Elias Aguirre, Taiat Dantza, Perfordance, among others ...


Even if he does not call himself a dancer / choreographer of contemporary dance, if he shares the way of shaping and staging what this discipline gives him, this mixture of disciplines of movement allows him to create d 'a point more suited to his artistic particularity, by creating in 2016 his first solo "AGUA" award-winning piece in many festivals and which to this day continues to tour on five continents.

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