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Jordi Baux | osteopath - Physiology of movement

Jordi BAUX is an osteopath, currently based in Annecy, who strives to awaken in his patients the awareness they have of themselves. From what their body tells, it guides their gaze to facilitate the understanding of their symptom and thus reappropriate their ability to preserve their health.

Driven very early on by a deep need to understand living things, his career led him to incorporate practices such as osteopathy, meditation, yoga, climbing dance, emotional liberation, Alexander techniques, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering. , Authentic Movement, Life Art Process, Body-Voice-Language ...

Today Jordi remains passionate about the exploration of living things, the complexity and beauty of his organization continue to amaze him. Sensitive to respect for what life represents, he constantly takes care not to limit-reduce-segment the body-mind unit.

It is certainly with great pleasure that he will share with you his knowledge, his doubts, his discoveries. You will attend interventions specially designed for you based on the latest scientific knowledge concerning functional anatomy, neurophysiology and neuroscience.

This knowledge will serve as a basis to lead you to deepen with it self-treatment methods to prevent your injuries and preserve your integrity.

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