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Imad Nefti | founder edha and educational coordinator

From his beginnings, Imad Nefti brought a poetic and simple language to hip-hop dance, composing spaces, material and rhythm, in the service of the essence of the dancer.

Very early on, he defined himself as an artistic director who organized human experiences for the hip-hop community. It develops the ability to direct dancer performers and guide creative processes.

“My values and my aesthetic sensitivity are based on an experimental approach, supported by academic work. Praising what has been done before me, I seek to create new expressions of contemporary dance through hip-hop. With a desire for a minimalist, pure and innovative pedagogy which is intelligently applied to the dancers' lifestyle while preserving their originality. Humble but with character. "

Imad Nefti positions himself, creating his own pedagogy as a flexible and open multidisciplinary structure. She challenges traditional conventions by using raw, simple tools and techniques to expose the true pedagogical richness of hip-hop without complexity or waste.


“I would like to train elegant and timeless dancers that will last a lifetime. "

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