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Benoit Norynberg | Wing chun - personal development, philosophy 

Transversality of knowledge, their potential common origins, the interpenetration of different fields of expertise and the dialogue of the unconscious, will be at the center of Benoit NORYNBERG's research.

A trained philosopher, it is the practical and experiential aspect of metaphysics that will guide his journey and his commitment to the service of Traditional Martial Arts. The violence of the environment from which it comes, will impose the need for confrontations as well as the integration of the intelligence of their mechanics.

This first treasure was offered in the meeting with certain men, themselves the heirs of certain paths of accomplishment. He will receive traditional education from China (WING CHUN KUEN) and Brazil (CAPOEIRA). In a holistic spirit, he has been transmitting it today for more than 10 years in his “Shen Wing Chun” Dojo.


Beyond the variety of forms and their technical and therapeutic efficiency, it is the invisible dimension of these disciplines of self-knowledge that will become the heart of his teaching. QI GONG and HYPNOSE will therefore serve as an ethical and theoretical support for this deep journey into meaning.

He will thus be trained in subtle communication techniques (MENTAL COACHING & NLP) in order to develop a method of integrating knowledge stimulating the harmonization of the different planes of the being and the emergence of personal and natural balances.

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