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Amaury Réot |  Hip-Hop - contemporary

His love for movement inherited from his Taiji Quan teacher father, Amaury began movement with martial arts and then hip-hop dance in search of originality. He travels the world with his crew to perfect his art of bboying.

Open and curious, passionate about exploring the freedom offered by hip-hop, he continues to nourish his dance through the contemporary teachings of TDMI (Théâtre Danse Musique Image) and those of the Center de Développement Chorégraphique de Toulouse (Formation Extension ).

Currently he cultivates his art within the SoulMagnet company with Claire-Marie Ricarte. Co creators they create the piece (AE, En Eden), performance and especially dance videos that they share on all networks.

Recently several companies ask him as an outside eye to create their piece: Cie Flowcus, Cie Tenseï…

On the other hand, he is an interpreter for companies in Switzerland and France with which he creates and distributes throughout the world: BurnOut, Prototype Status, Alias, Jozsef Trefeli, Platypus…  

In the last decade, he has also created a large number of pieces and performances within the UAAR collective (another street angle): The Battle Experience, Lalala daily madness, PRIZM, LOGO…

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