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Claire-Marie Ricarte |  Classic - Contemporary

Claire-Marie was born in 1986 in Royan, France.
After obtaining his Diploma in Choreographic Studies in classical dance from the Conservatory
from the Pau region, she joined the Junior Ballet d'Aquitaine in Bordeaux under the direction of
Mr. Daniel Agesilas then the Ballet Junior de Genève under the direction of Messrs Patrice
Delay and Sean Wood.
Since 2009 she collaborates as a performer with many artists, festivals and institutions
Geneva and international such as Rudi Van Der Merwe, Yan Duyvendak, Jozsef Trefeli,
Fabrice Melquiot, the Antigel festival (ch), swiss dance days (ch), Aura festival (lt), Dance Umbrella
(za), Bipod festival (lbn), Grand Thétare de Genève (ch), Vidy theater (ch).
In 2015, she was a dancer and choir in the SOM project choreographed by Monsieur Olivier
From 2016 to 2019 she dances for Monsieur Olivier Py.
From 2018 to 2019 she worked for the company RESODANCER directed by Laura Lamy and Tristan
Robillard, on the ambush pieces by Guy Shamroni and Yaniv Abhraham and Nacreous by Shi Pratt
Since 2009, she has been a dancer, performer and rehearsal assistant for Monsieur Guilherme
Botelho director of the company ALIAS (ch).
She has intervened occasionally as a coach at the Ballet Junior de Genève, as
substitute teacher at the Geneva dance school and at the Popular Music Conservatory
and Geneva dance.
She also reassembled the piece Clash by choreographer Patrick Delcroix at the Gdansk opera house (pl)
and the Grenade company under the direction of Josette Baiz.
At the same time, Claire-Marie is developing her personal choreographic projects. In 2015 she has
choreographed, performed and presented a solo “THEM” at the Quart d'heure de Sévelin (ch).
In 2017, they created their company SOUL MAGNET with Amaury Réot and presented a first
duo "AE", choreograph and direct two seasons of dance video shorts that they
broadcast on their youtube channel and social networks of the same name SOUL MAGNET.
Today they continue their choreographic explorations, their video works and
are working on the creation of their next duo "EN EDEN"

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