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Salomon Asaro |  Hip-hop

Salomon Baneck Asaro was born in Bordeaux, France in 1982 to a Cameroonian father and a Sicilian mother. he started dancing at the age of 17 in Brittany, and specialized in Poppin, Breacking and other standing dances such as Hip Hop, House ...
He then trained at AID in Paris (Académie Internationale de Danse) where he also learned classical dance, modern jazz, contemporary dance ... His training will be punctuated by internships with Poppin'Taco, David Colas, Junior Almeida, Ibrahim – Kafig ...
Salomon, member of the Legion X and Freemindz crews, has participated for years in many international competitions where he is very often found as a Jury and teacher during international workshops (Hip
Hop, Break, House, experimental ...) He knew how to create a particular style turned towards the experimental. He will win several times the experimental battle "Open Your mind"
, the biggest event in the field, and where he will have the honor of being a Jury.

Winner in 2010 of the Lagardère Prize for the creation of digital dance, he can be found in various and numerous Hip Hop, Contemporary, Opera, Performances creations ... where he presents the extent of his artistic palette.

He has participated in numerous creations:, The Krash Nights of the Heartbeat Queen & Kaiju Cie Shonen, Cie Pas de Quartier, notably in Guyana and Paris (National Archives), at the Summer Festival of Dance in the 1st part of Alvin Alley, Le Chat Perché at the Paris Opera. It has also been seen in productions of musicals such as Gladiator or the Ten Commandments.
He joined the Cie Wang Ramirez with the show "Everyness"

, we can see it in the shows of the artist ABD AL MALIK with which he tours.

We can see him in a lot of other totally different projects, like as an Actor in the movie BREAK released in 2017, where he plays the role of Wiki.

Throughout his career he has developed a unique and very particular style combining dance on the floor and standing, which has earned him today the image of a complete artist turned towards the experimental. We can speak of Solomon as an original and creative dancer. An anchored "contemporary" artist
in its Hip Hop roots and always in search of novelty.

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