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Rafael Smadja |  Hip-hop

Rafael discovers hip-hop dance in 1998. Travels and workshops with the pioneers of hip-hop dance constitute his first dance education. His rich career as an interpreter enriches and diversifies his movement. (Lene Boel-Danemark / Jann Gallois-France / Yann Marussich-Switzerland / Olé Khamchanla-France /…) In 2013, he founded cieTenseï, based in Ferney-Voltaire in France. In 2018, he founded the Champloo company based in Biel, Switzerland. The two structures allow him to create bridges crossing borders and aesthetics. 

In his multiple collaborations, he develops a particular taste for the object, the installation, the live music and the text. His pieces bear witness to this multidisciplinarity often inspired by an external constraint, an object, a text, a music.

As a teacher, Rafael has developed a pedagogy and transmission tools allowing him to address both novices and professionals of the movement. He has been collaborating for more than ten years with different artistic, educational and social structures. based in France and Switzerland.

Since 2009, Rafael Smadja has been organizing and programming a Hiphop culture festival, more broadly focused on dance for the last 5 editions (Step By Straight from 2009 to 2014, Les Hybrides Hiphopées from 2016 to today).

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