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Link Berthomieux |  Hip-hop

Link or Link le Neil is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer, composer, wood sculptor.  

Holder of the state diploma, he now teaches at the Manufacture des Arts and at the Pietragalla Derouault training center.  

He works as an interpreter alongside Vendetta Mathéa, Yaman Okur, Amala Dianor, Brahim Bouchelaghem, Lionel Hun and Julien Derouault and Marie Pierre Pietragalla. Besides that, he experiences himself internationally in the world of battle as a teacher and jury challenger.

In 2013 he co-founded Supreme Legacy crew alongside Mickaël Pecaud and Thibault Fouillant, an association that initiated a dance school and ten urban dance events in the Auvergne region. The group operates internationally in competitions and urban festivals.

The same year he co-founded Wynkl alongside Willy Pierre Joseph. Association aiming to create a place of experience, exchange and neutral training in order to mix communities and styles of bodily expression. Wynkl organizes Jam (the famous Training parties at 104), laboratories, battles by welcoming dance in the broad sense. Wynkl is at the origin of the Disconnected festival in Paris.

Like the sensitive spirit of his association, Link launches lecture modules called Dance & Mental based on the observation of the influences of beliefs, mechanisms, and fears relating to dancers. Based on his experience as a dancer, a variety of points of view and methods are proposed with a view to unraveling biased mental structures. At the present time this module has been carried out in France, the United States, Lithuania, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Germany ...

In 2016 Link began composing through MAO (computer-assisted music). Today he composes for dance companies, videographers and companies under the name Linky Larson.

In 2017 the company Le Neil was created with the first ideas of the Vendetta creation.

In 2018 Link created the One Piece Vert Galant, an artists' barge. Place in which artists take up residence or a temporary residence. The boat has a dance studio, a painting and cabinetry space fitted out by Link. It is also a place of exhibition and sales of works of the artists of the boat. The result is to create an artistic and ecological place that is the most respectful of the environment.

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