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Sébastien Boucher |  Hip-hop

Sébastien Boucher discovered hip-hop dance in the early 90s. Practiced first as a hobby, dance soon took on growing importance in his life and took him to Paris, the cradle of hip-hop dance in Europe.


Established in the French capital, Sébastien deepens his knowledge of dance through workshops, meetings and fierce training with other enthusiasts in now legendary places such as the Forum des Halles in Châtelet, a veritable swarm of hip dance talents. -hop. It is through hard work, endurance, passion and sharing with other dancers that he is trained and perfected in this dance. Sébastien is still very attached to these values that built him and tries to pass them on to young people who are interested in this dance and this culture.

Having become a professional dancer, Sébastien Boucher continues to collaborate with various companies. He also integrates the world of television and dances for shows such as "Star Academy", "Hit Machine" and the famous show "Bigdil", of which he will be one of the regular dancers. The entertainment world quickly noticed his talent: Sébastien was soon dancing for the biggest names in European R'n'B, notably Miss-teeq and Willy Denzey, whom he accompanied on a national tour on the biggest French stages. Alongside these experiences, the young dancer asserts himself as a major protagonist of the underground hip-hop movement and participates in many high-level international battles: Juste Debout, Total session, World Colosseum, HDI, etc.

Appreciating the diversity and openness of hip-hop dance, Sébastien does not restrict himself to a single discipline: New Style, House Dance, Popping, the artist masters different styles, which leads him to understand the essence and unity of movement. This versatility has earned him to be invited to the four corners of the globe to participate in events as a dancer, juror or teacher. Along with dance shows and competitions, Sébastien also shines in creations presented in Geneva as part of the ADC, the contemporary dance association.

Building on the experience and credibility he has acquired in this environment, Sébastien is now working to share, with beginners and insiders, the love he has for hip-hop dance. He sets up many projects to bring this movement to life, bring it to the attention of as many people as possible and share all the richness of dance, which he sees as also a tool for openness and personal development. Dance lessons, setting up of shows and organization of events, the dancer has over time added strings to his bow. As proof, since 2006 he has been responsible for the Swiss selections for Juste Debout and since 2011 has set up the Groove'N'Move Festival.

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