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Karim Khouader |  Hip-hop

Dancer and choreographer, Karim Khouader finds his inspiration in the culture from which he comes, Hip-Hop.


Combining his presence in the underground world of Hip-Hop, by participating in international battles, with his presence in the Parisian choreographic world, Karim Khouader quickly stands out with his body language and his own attitude.

For several years, he has been teaching at the “LAX Studio” in Paris, which allows him to produce a large number of choreographies which are regularly shared on social networks. In addition, these regular courses have also enabled him to retain dancers and familiarize them with his choreographic language.

Karim has participated in several music videos as a dancer such as "Tous les SAMe" by Stromae or for the artist Sinclair. He also walked for Nike and Adidas. In 2015, he joined the France Gall troupe for the musical “Résiste” in which he participated in numerous performances and TV shows.

In 2017, Karim decided to create his own company and work on his own pieces, in order to express his creativity in a different way and to embark on a fundamental work emotionally and choreographically speaking.

After several workshops and residencies with his “Blow” project,  he performs on several stages such as the Summer Dance Forever or the Kalypso Festival at la Villette in Paris.

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