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Noé Chapsal | Break

Specialized in breakdance, Noé has been practicing hip-hop for 12 years. He notably trained in the world of competitions.

In 2014, he won the title of French solo champion, as well as several international group competitions. The notoriety conferred on him by these prizes has led him to travel and discover hip-hop dance in different countries where he has forged a complete and critical look at it. In 2015, he met an educator specializing in the search for movement, which marked a turning point in his relationship to movement, thus bringing it closer to contemporary dance.

For three years now, he has been a dancer in several companies, and a year ago created his first piece for 7 dancers as a choreographer, with his company, Nextape.

Engaged in the associative and educational environment, he is one of the main member of an association which works on the transmission to 300 young people, and which organizes a cultural event of hip-hop dance recognized internationally for 7 years now: Who got the flower ?!  

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