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Saief Remmide | Contemporary hip-hop

Saief Remmide begins dancing with Hip-Hop. Trained by members of the company
Styl'O'Styl and Wanted Posse, he was continually inspired by other forms of gesture art
to quickly find an approach of its own.
After multiple competitions around the world alongside the Breakdance group "
Alliance ”, Saief turned to contemporary dance.
He collaborates and works with different choreographers and artists such as Rachid Ouramdane
(show Tenir le Temps et Polices!), Mourad Merzouki (Franco-Taiwanese show
YoGeeTi), Thô Anothai (Ô show), David Zambrano, Willi Dorner ...
His various trips have allowed him to meet and train in certain techniques
dance alongside Kimson and Dedson from Wanted Posse in HipHop, David
Zambrano for Flying Low & Passing Through techniques, dancers from the Cie
Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: Damien Jalet, Damien Fournier, Dimitri Jourde.
He approaches the circus arts with Alexandre Del Perugia and Abdel Senhadji from Cie XY.
He experiments Wing Chun with Benoît Norymberg and Systema with Jean-Marie
He has also carried out educational actions with various structures in France and in
abroad: Bonlieu national scene, CCN2 of Grenoble, CCN of Créteil, University of
Saitama (Japan), Studio Architanz (Tokyo, Japan) ...
He choreographed “Issho Ni” (duet) in 2017 and “NaKaMa” (Quartet) in 2018. He became an Artist
Associated with the Théâtre des Collines (Annecy) for the 2019 to 2021 seasons.

In 2021, he created 2 choreographic pieces: the solo “Dédale” and the duo “Ex-
Change ”.

Today, he takes another look at so-called “urban” dances and seeks to promote
multidisciplinary meetings, exchanges and reflections around the arts of gesture:
circus art and martial arts.

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