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Thô Anothaï |  Contemporary hip-hop

Born in Laos in 1980, Thô Anothaï arrived in France at the age of 6, escaping with his family from a sectarian and repressive policy. Political refugee, Thô grew up in Haute Savoie where he trained as an electrician.

The hip-hop dance wave that emerges in the 90s in the Rhône-Alpes region wins with it. The premise of a passion, he will be one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop dance in his region.

Self-taught, surrounded himself with his neighborhood friends whom he learned and developed his dance, launching into battles in France and then abroad with his “unique control” crew. He will emerge victorious in the battle Tour 98 in Lyon or even finalist in the famous Battle total cession 1 and 2 in Grenoble, as well as in the Hip-Hop connection in Italy, then in Germany.

His career took another turn when he was spotted in 2000 by the Compagnie Alexandra n'posse, which hired him as a dancer performer for several years (Traces, Kiteb, Azimut, Born for the Other…). This is how he will take his first steps on stage alongside Abdenour Bellalit.

At the same time, he passed on his passion during weekly dance lessons (Cluses dance school, Geneva school, Annecy conservatory) or during workshops.

Always eager to learn, he continues to train with pioneers of hip hop dance such as Storm, Poppin Pete, Joseph go, as well as in jazz with Thierry Verger and Ira Kodiche in Paris.

In 2004, his role as a dancer intensified when he joined the Accrorap company with Kader Attou (currently CCN de la Rochelle), for the shows "foreign bodies" or "small ".  

He then travels the world  (Palestine, Holland, India, China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, New Caledonia, United States…) thus enriching itself with other dances and cultures to progress and develop its choreographic vision.

He choreographed his first pieces on behalf of the Accrorap Company (2004: first part “Through the walls” in Palestine, 2005: “West side story” in Vesoul).

Some of his tours left a deep mark on him, such as his trip to Gaza and Ramala in Palestine, to Ahmedabad in India or Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

From his meetings emerged the desire to defend these sensitive populations, to develop the problems encountered in these countries and to be able to stage his philosophical universe imbued with his Asian origins.

This is how the Anothaï Company was created in 2007.  

However, he continues to be a dancer, interpreter and transmitter for Kader Attou, and in parallel to his role as choreographer, he has been pursuing transmission in all its forms for more than 20 years (cultural actions in schools, prisons, Masterclass, IME, centers social, work with disabled people, the blind etc ...).

In 2010, Thô met Mic guillaumes (dancer, choreographer, trainer and national dance expert at the school for the Ministry of Culture, interministerial resource person) who then became the company's sponsor.

With 4 touring creations in his repertoire, he will devote this year 2019 to the research and creation of two new pieces, “Mekong” a solo on Laos and “Ice” show on the theme of melting ice.

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