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"It all started with a fascination with hip-hop culture and architecture, a desire for understanding and pedagogical mastery of dance. This is how edha was founded"

edha is an urban dance formation based in Annecy, operating in an artistic context and supported by a daring educational design .

In this place will be transcribed the sophisticated and relaxed spirit of hip-hop dance.

Experiments and disciplines intersect as essential tools to promote a rich, flexible and accessible dance.

Aiming for the heart, emphasizing the essentials, extracting the structural minimum of each technique in order to offer each dancer a professional training.  

This training is the result of a long history of pedagogical research in hip-hop dance for 10 years. Since then, the practice has grown to offer an active dance, shared by all, and engaging with a culture of transmission. A culture that has accompanied it since its beginnings. No one is required to be an educator, but everyone is required to participate.  

Our vast experience gives us a nuanced understanding of the current landscape of hip-hop dance and the different phases along the dancer's journey. edha is in the unique position of having the associated expertise of educational proposals and a quality program.

The studio is distinguished by a contemporary approach to hip-hop dance that combines studio culture and urban training practices for a comprehensive educational design.  

It is a functional and inspiring training workshop that focuses on the dancer's own identity, valuing the quality of expression of who you are and what you represent. edha seeks to promote continuing education that works at all scales, performer, technician and performer.  

We aim to shape the dance world into what we think it should

to be :  connect different communities and promote their integration, seek quality dance, cultivate the knowledge and education of young generations, follow emerging techniques and above all respect hip-hop culture. 

"I want to avoid the mundane and create dancers who are limitless in their dance and creativity."

Imad Nefti | F ondateur Edha

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