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Hip-Hop course 

1st year

A know-how

"Dance only what you have need "           

Use logic, be pragmatic, and spend time thinking about what you are building. Imagine how it will work.

>  To listen

>  Trust

>  To be present

>  Reasoning to "do more with less" 

>  Adapt to evolution

>  Share and multiply knowledge

>  Take example and be inspired in order to be more efficient and to improve 

Broaden the field of analysis to increase your general knowledge and to improve yourself by approaching hip-hop in a broader way.

Show the extent of this dance and deepen each of its aspects. Create links between the different styles and its ramifications with other dances such as classical or contemporary dance.

An end-of-year trajectory towards live performances and the possibility for students to discover new artistic disciplines every month in a "discovery course" and "thematic meetings"

Baseline Phase 4 Results

> Ability to represent body movement

> Ability to represent rhythmic movement

> Ability to represent movement  in the space  

> Fundamental knowledge of hip-hop techniques

> Ability to engage in a critical discourse

> Independent creativity and thought

> Independent research skills

> Results of basic working knowledge of anatomy

> Ability to represent movement

> Choreographic culture

Phase 4 is ideal for:

> The people  who wish to develop their dance, r edécouvrir reinterpret and sustainable methods of old

> The practicing dancers wishing to  e listen and interact with the dancers at all levels  in a more experimental way.

> Interested people who feel the need to immerse themselves in their artistic dance practice.

> Students looking for an extended year  in the studio.

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