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Cursus Hip-Hop  

2ème année

Booster sa créativité



" Process :

Invent or reinvent yourself "

Our educational process is an evolving and open framework, allowing us to make each dancer unique, real and performer. It was developed to optimize autonomy helping to stimulate creativity, development and maximize opportunities to dance. 

Broaden the field of analysis by approaching in a more thorough way their compositions, inspirations, of the technical knowledge while passing by the improvisation until their creative personality.

Show the artistic sensibility of their dominant dance.

An experimentation class to work

your strengths, your qualities, and your weaknesses and a real asset that can take a hybrid or multidisciplinary form.

An end-of-year trajectory towards participatory performances, installations, work in public spaces ...

Baseline Phase 5 Results

> Understanding of dance composition strategies

> Ability to represent body movement

> Ability to represent rhythmic movement

> Ability to represent movement  in the space  

> Fundamental knowledge of hip-hop techniques

> Ability to engage in a critical discourse

> Independent creativity and thought

> Independent research skills

> Results of basic working knowledge of anatomy

> Ability to represent movement

> Hip-hop culture

> Understanding the nature of hip-hop dance  

> Independent creativity and thought  

Phase 5 is ideal for:

> Dancers who wish to develop their dominant dance

> The practicing dancers wishing to  e listen and interact with the dancers at all levels  in a more experimental way.

> Interested people who feel the need to immerse themselves in their artistic dance practice.

> Students looking for a hip-hop course  in the studio.

> Students who feel the need to immerse themselves in the world of dance.

The program will provide the opportunity for a solid dance experience, improvisation and creativity

while laying the foundations as a performer of his own dance.

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