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Performeur danseur

     Cycle 3 Formation professionnelle

"To question oneself about one's intentions and to develop one's own dance practice  "

The preparatory class is a refresher program which allows the acquisition of knowledge essential to creative dancers. It was developed from the values of the action of the movement in the service of ideas, biases and creative processes.

The objectives of this cycle are to offer you a human experience, to establish your technical knowledge to direct you towards a personal aesthetic, to develop a state of mind centered around the hip-hop culture and the taste of the effort within of research.  

This intensive upgrade is a double specialization on the same bases as the TRAINING program and the STUDIO, around which your personal experience will be built.

A continuous teaching which accompanies the dancers by directing them towards an autonomy and a self-development of their dance by means of experimentation.  

Our goal is to enhance your individuality by validating your technical skills, we will accompany the dancer towards the growth of his own universe.

"Objectivity & openness"

Sketching out with you a coherent and precise vision for your career as a young designer will help to lay the right foundations in the right place even before integrating an interpreter training. The clearer the vision, the better the stability and sustainability of your professional career.  

A dancer who has not completed a preparatory class can  join a dance school.

However, it remains undeniable that having a solid technical background before entering training is a serious asset if you want to excel in a career as a dancer.

The preparatory class of edha requires above all motivation, involvement and rigor.

The teaching team is made up of professors who are all working professionals,

you will also benefit from various regular and personalized exchanges.

This class is aimed at young dancers who wish to take a self-taught path,  develop their skills to practice in the various trades related to dance, movement, the body and its functioning.  They will be able to develop their creative voice in a collective and collaborative learning environment. 

To make choices

It is desirable to synthesize elements of practice and reflection in the choice of the school, because it must be kept in mind that each school has its specialty . It is therefore necessary to establish a professional strategy in order to choose a particular dance school. It will depend on your sensitivity: new contemporary aesthetic research of hip-hop or its conservation in the raw state.

Phase 7 is focused on a figure dance and progressive hip-hop dance. edha  requires students to learn and experiment with the traditional methods and techniques of urban dance.

Students align with the academy's missions through observation skills and a balance of conceptual awareness and technical skills.

Baseline Phase 7 Results

> Working knowledge of anatomy

> Understanding of dance composition strategies

> Ability to represent body movement

> Ability to represent rhythmic movement

> Ability to represent movement  in the space  

> Fundamental knowledge of traditional techniques

> Ability to engage in a critical discourse

> Independent creativity and thought

> Independent research skills

Phase 7 is ideal for:

> Post-baccalaureate people who wish to develop their dance.

> Practicing dancers wishing to explore a new medium or seeking training in experimental skills

> Interested people who feel the need to immerse themselves in their artistic dance practice.

> Students looking for an intensive year  in the studio and in training before starting a master's degree program

Completion of the program does not guarantee admission to the Phase 8 program.

"The best of each 

from U.S

in what 

we transmit "


Daléas dance studio

2 bis rue Chaumontel

74000 Annecy

Agenda P7

Structures and movements     45 modules     





Personal development                  


Master class                            

Works shops                              

Annual total                            

Calendar  P7

All dates and times below are subject to change pending further information relating to COVID-19.


Fall start of 2021


Friday September 3 - Pre-entry P7 - P8

Monday September 6 to Friday September 10 - Integration week


Monday September 13 - Beginning of classes

Monday November 1 to Sunday November 7 - OFF

Thursday November 11 - Holiday

Monday December 27 to Sunday January 2 - OFF

Mid-term start of 2022

Monday February 21 to Sunday February 27 - OFF

Tuesday April 5 - Easter

Monday April 27 to Friday April 29 - OFF

Monday 23 May - Pentecost

Friday July 1 - Last day of classes 

Speakers  educational

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