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 Interprète danseur

     Cycle 3 Formation professionnelle


experiences and emotions "

Above all, dance expresses the world in which we live. She  allows our creativity to flow freely. With one eye on the past and the other on the future, we believe that every dancer should have their own voice and talk about themselves in some way.

edha offers a unique one-year residency in Annecy for ambitious 1st year student dancers and current student dancers.

Participants in the 2nd year residency program experience the life and work of the dancer performer.

The program expands your studio practice to technical skills, while preparing you for entry into an edha program.  

Apply and experience a year of immersion in the world of dance as a performer.

"Objectivity & openness"

The program is open to dance students  :  self-taught and non-dance students hip-hop having an ability to demonstrate the art of dance. Contemporary dancers are welcome.

The dancer must demonstrate advanced technical skills and abilities in dance.

Emphasis will be placed on his ability to have a certain autonomy, maturity, and be available to the choreographer.

It is necessary to have a level of dance mastery allowing to consider a successful insertion in a hip-hop or contemporary creation environment.

Those admitted to the program will have the opportunity to work in our studios, take courses and exhibit at edha.

About ten residences are offered each year.  

For more details on the program please contact the educational coordinator.

Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the world of dance , to perform, to attend shows, exhibitions, and meet artists to nourish their personal practice in the studio.

edha and the partners of Culture,  including entertainment institutions, facilitate this exploration with event recommendations each week.

The program is a sequence of 10 months of residency and approximately 9 theoretical weeks that offers dancers the opportunity to develop their personal vision and skills to work for a choreographer.

The phase 8 program is designed for those looking for intensive instruction as dancer performers.

All residence students are encouraged to take full advantage of the universe  of the choreographer. And to be nourished by its main artistic lines which can also serve as inspiration for their personal practice.

Baseline Phase 8 Results

> Results of basic working knowledge of anatomy

> Understanding of choreographic composition strategies

> Ability to represent movement

> Ability to represent movement in space structurally

> Fundamental knowledge of interpretation techniques

> Choreographic culture

> Ability to engage in a critical discourse

> Understand the nature of hip-hop and contemporary dance on stage

> Independent creativity and thought  

> Written and oral communication skills

> Independent research skills

Phase 8 is ideal for:

> Artists wishing to explore a new medium or seeking training in technical performing skills.

> Interested people wishing to make a career or who feel the need to immerse themselves in the world of the stage.

The program will provide the opportunity for a solid stage experience as a performer and will lay the foundation for her career as a practicing performer.

Agenda P8



Structures and movements     9 modules       






Master class                              

Works shops                             

Annual total                            

Calendar  P8

All dates and times below are subject to change pending further information relating to COVID-19.

Fall start of 2021


Friday September 3 - Pre-entry P7 - P8

Monday September 6 to Friday September 10 - integration week


Monday September 13 - Beginning of classes

Monday November 1 to Sunday November 7 - OFF

Thursday November 11 - Holiday

Monday December 27 to Sunday January 2 - OFF

Mid-term start of 2022

Monday February 21 to Sunday February 27 - OFF

Tuesday April 5 - Easter

Monday April 18 to Friday April 22 - OFF

Monday 23 May - Pentecost

Friday July 1 - Last day of classes 


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