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Pratique amateur

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Cycle 2  Cursus Hip-Hop

"A real dance"

Urban dances give birth to unconventional dances. We can easily guess his line of conduct: a movement must be good, before it is beautiful. We note his precocious vigilance for a sustainable dance, his deep understanding of contemporary changes, his enthusiasm to imagine new styles of dance, his determination to innovate, his positive commitment, his affection for ideas, his concern to defend the theory of useful.

All of these elements led me to choose hip-hop dance in such a way as to connect the dancer with his environment.

Studio is a three-year continuous program that aims to theoretically structure everything that has been approached, practiced, observed and discovered during the hard times of the Training cycle.

Personal creative development also plays an important role, while retaining the artistic sharing and improvisation necessary for learning dance through hip-hop.

"Know-how to apply now"

The dancers are immersed in an environment that encourages an experimental and innovative definition of urban and educational dances that promotes exploration to contextual awareness.

Students explore a range of diverse possibilities for using dance through realistic, abstract and objective techniques and tools that characterize the dynamic practice of this discipline.


Studio is synonymous with offer, flexibility, expansiveness and the possibility of connecting to several genres and disciplines of dance. Accompanied by a mentor, students are encouraged to carry out projects outside the school walls and to involve partners.

Students are mentored by professional artists who maintain an active studio practice, a depth of engagement, and a passion for the dance arts. Studio work is supported by a wide range of initiatives to an amateur and pre-professional artistic practice which gives increased confidence in preparing for career opportunities as a creator, thinker and creative problem solver.

The studio program is a dynamic and cultural asset of hip-hop with contemporary dialogue in an ever-changing dance world. An interest in movement, a maturity in their career as a committed artist or to continue their exploration as a performer through graduate schools.

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