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Pratique amateur

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Cycle 1  Cursus Hip-Hop

"Let's share our way

to understand

to think about dance "

We create educational experiences that help create atmospheres, sensations and a better quality of learning dance. 

Engage all of your senses. A dance that reflects its time and its values so that the hip-hop community grows and thus improves living together.

The training, of the term training, was born in the ghettos of the Bronx with the appearance of the break dance. As the first principle of being a foundation of hip-hop culture, training allows you to build, evolve in a community and maintain links with a network spread throughout the world. This network was subsequently reinforced by the presence of dance competitions.

Training facilitates access to the hip-hop community as well as supporting its dancers is a priority.

The dancers will benefit from a first approach with this method, they will build their own network of contact which will grow as their professional and artistic career progresses.

"A creative community"

The challenge of this space that edha sets up is to be “motivated” to exchange, to individual and collective development as well as to be present. Effective training is regular training which requires presence and investment. To be able to lead in his own dance training and to assume it.

This method also allows you to reveal your own ability to take responsibility and find your own style. Indeed it is a process by which the students will gradually establish their own way of thinking. This is one of the conditions necessary for learning urban dances, autonomy tends to push the dancer towards his uniqueness,  "Originality".

"The spirit of the place"


The place is a space within which the meeting of the other will be necessary for the development of the dancer. These fun meetings will allow those who wish to share informal and friendly moments with other enthusiasts.

" Learn to learn "

Learning through "training" is at the heart of the program.

We want students to forge their own culture of hip-hop dance, a taste for discovery and a curiosity, outside of all codes. For this, the teaching body will be present, in an attitude of observation, available to provide tools and open to conversation.  

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